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Careers at Kitsch

Does fashion run in your DNA? Are you a fashion maniac?  If yes, then Kitsch gives you just the apt platform to get involved with the industry you love and live for. At Kitsch, we are always looking for talent who have a genuine penchant for creativity, style and originality.


Fashion careers may seem very alluring, but beware; Devil Wears Prada is a less than accurate depiction of the industry you plan to enter. Comprised of passionate individuals, delivering excellent results, the employees at Kitsch are the fundamental to the company’s success.


Out of the box thinking, ambitious, self-motivating, never ceasing energy, innovativeness, witty, interactive, assertive and aggressive are just some of the attributes we look at for hiring the right talent to work at KITSCH. So if you consider yourself as a package of all of the above attributes, then send us your CV and a covering letter at specifying the role you’re applying for. And if you’re not a people’s person and consider yourself as a non-fashion follower, please save yourself the hassle of applying with us.


Here at KITSCH, we are constantly recruiting diverse talents for a number of varied roles. So don’t sit still; roll up your sleeves and show us what you’re made of. Make the most of your enthusiasm for fashion and realize your dreams only at Kitsch.