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#Sophie Dahl Starts Blogging


SpeakingStyle3The internet is currently saturated with blogs, instagram, tumblr and twitter accounts all promoting various juicing, sugar-free, raw and blood-type diet regimes. But the delectable Sophie Dahl, initially known for her international modeling career, brings her culinary skills to action by proving that fashion and food is the apt combination to blog about. Sophie is now a best-selling novelist and columnist who has written widely about her passion for food and cooking.


In her new online project, At the Kitchen Table, Dahl enlisted some big name creative’s to dish out recipes, short stories, and high-profile interviews. “I decided to create something with my sensibility at its core — but with a really eclectic mix of contributors bringing their voices to the table,” Dahl told Vogue.


The former model’s new project is one of those websites that you can spend half an hour browsing without even realizing – featuring designer interviews, recipes, short stories, features written by high-profile names, as well as fashion suggestions and beautiful photography.

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