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#What does your favorite Model say about you?


I came across this fun and interesting piece by Lexi Nisita for refinery29, which talks about how your preference in supermodels reflects your personality!


Who do you like the most? Find out what that says about YOU!


Tyra Banks: If you pick this fierce lady then you is one powerful woman! You’ll never be content to be a “one-trick pony”, you like to try everything out at least once and you love being the best in the game.


China Machado: You enjoy standing out in a crowd and this comes easy to you. You never try too hard or force your way into the spotlight- everyone just naturally loves your company! You were born a star and you’ll always be one!


Cindy Crawford: You’re sexy but you don’t show off! You are subtle and classy which makes you special. You like being edgy and hate losing your cool.


Liu Wen: You’re like the ballerina of the model world. Graceful and reserved, you are not attention seeking but are still the apple of everyone’s eye.


Gisele: Gorgeous, successful and always reliable, Gisele is a foolproof icon! If you love her, you are probably a bit of a fitness freak as there is nothing hotter than her natural, exercise-induced glow!


Coco Rocha: You are fun, playful and adventurous- and you can always pull it off! Even though you come across sometimes as “grown-up”, there is a lot of spunk and personality in there too!


Kate Moss: You’re a complete badass! You smoke in the bathroom, and fall asleep in your eyeliner and don’t really care about the rules!


Twiggy: Sure, you like things a little twee, and that’s okay. You’ll grow up later. Oh, and you may or may not have an excessive penchant for black eyeliner.


Naomi Campbell: You are confident, powerful and assertive! Whatever it takes, you’ll never let anyone walk all over you. And yes, you have a temper. And maybe your phone slips out of your hand and flies at someone’s head.


Lauren Hutton: You stick to classics and you like things to be natural- but that doesn’t make you boring. You have impeccable taste and you always put a careful, personal touch to your style.


Kate Upton: You love yourself, and never let the haters get you down but you’re not conceited, either. Plus you know a great opportunity when you see one, and you’re not ashamed to dive head-first into it.


Linda Evangelista: You’re a big deal and you know it. And you’ll never under-sell yourself. As the famous quote goes, you’re not getting out of bed for less than $10,000!

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